Insurance Resources for First Time Buyers

How to buy homeowners insurance for the first time

Embarking on your journey as a first-time buyer comes with exciting opportunities and responsibilities. Navigate the world of insurance confidently with our tailored resources for those taking their first steps into the realm of coverage.

  • Understanding Your Needs

Discover the essential insurance coverage every first-time buyer should consider. From protecting your new home to securing your possessions, we guide you through the basics of insurance tailored to your unique needs.


Explore essential coverage for first-time buyers


  • Navigating Policy Options

Insurance can be complex, but we simplify it for you. Learn about different policy options available to first-time buyers, whether you're seeking homeowners insurance, auto coverage, or personal liability protection.


Find the right insurance policy for you


  • Expert Advice for a Secure Future

Access expert insights on insurance planning for the long term. Whether it's anticipating future needs or adjusting your coverage as your life evolves, our resources empower you to make informed decisions.


Receive expert advice on securing your future


How to shop for home insurance

Before closing on a new home, your lender will require you to purchase a home insurance policy. While many lenders provide insurance referrals, choosing a home insurance company is your decision. You're responsible for making sure the coverages on your policy adequately protect your residence, detached structures, and personal belongings.

Is home insurance required to buy a home?

Bundle auto and homeowners insurance

  • Save an average of 7% on car insurance when you combine Progressive home and auto

Quote in advance

  • Plan and save when you get a homeowners insurance quote before your policy’s start date

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