How the RelevantEdge solution works

The RelevantEdge solution (on this demo site and provided to clients) is a self-hosted solution. This approach provides a high-degree of data protection for organizations requiring granular insights based on high-fidelity web session data. Typically, the session data collected in RelevantEdge solutions is integrated with data such as CRM and/or commerce (which in turn drives the need for maximum data protection).

Here's how the RelevantEdge solution on this demo site works:

  1. The RelevantEdge web tracker (client side and server side) is placed on the demo site
  2. A wide variety of granular session data is collected, based on session IDs and user (device IDs)
  3. All clicks, scrolls, visibility and impressions — by component name managed in the site's CMS — are automatically tracked
  4. Session data is stored in Raven DB (no SQL, free tier) that is hosted in the environment where the CMS is hosted
  5. The RelevantEdge App processes the web session data. The App integrates data sources -- on this demo site Umbraco and HubSpot -- to provide integrated analytics (other CMS's supported, Sitecore XM Cloud for example)
  6. The RelevantEdge App loads the integrated data to SQL, using our data model
  7. The RelevantEdge App programmatically generates the Power BI report that we published from our MS workspace
  8. The Power BI report (aka dashboards) is embedded in the demo site
  9. Session data is updated in Power BI as it is collected; HubSpot data is synchronized every few minutes

The RelevantEdge solution architecture

Sa Demosite 18 Dec (2)

See for yourself! Browse the site and view your own data in the live Power BI dashboard.

What does the RelevantEdge solution track?

The RelevantEdge web tracker provides the following functionality:
  • Server side web tracker - more secure and less prone to blocks
  • Reverse proxy architecture - encrypted cookie values
  • Session data stored in self-hosted No-SQL DB (Raven DB - free tier)
  • Works OOTB with Power BI and can be adapted for other BI and dashboarding tools
  • Granular sessions and users by IDs
  • Automatically tracks all link click events (internal and external clicks including hrefs)
  • Automatically tracks scroll depth and page visibility
  • Attribute clicks and impressions by CMS component name by page and many other fields 
  • Integrates with CMS to enable analytics filtering by content architecture    
  • Tracks referring domains, devices, locations
  • Tracks campaigns, UTM parameters, full query strings
  • Tracks pages, languages, components, CMS structure
  • Automatically tracks forms, form fields, time on form by field, field abandonment, etc.
  • Stores submitted form data by field in the session database (self-hosted No-SQL DB (Raven DB - free tier)
  • Tracks personalization variants and AB test variants
  • Tracks cookie consent, user authentication (can be set up in minutes)
  • Includes commerce analytics dimensions and fields in tracker and data model (manual setup needed) 
  • Use GTM for triggering custom events within the web tracker's data model
  • The core tracker is open source and therefore freely extensible

The data model for the RelevantEdge solution is shown to the right (in Power BI desktop).

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